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  • Security of Information

    • No customer information will be held on the marketplace, only licence information that is already public but more readily accessible.
  • Not a ‘Dutch Auction’

    • The basis of the marketplace is to help fulfil unallocated jobs, it is not to drive down profitability for operators. Those who would place jobs that need to be covered should also offer a price that they are expecting the job to be covered at. The system allows prices to be placed above and below that ‘offer’ price and it is completely at the discretion of the ‘subber’ to allocate the job.
  • Embrace New Technology and Compete With Newcomers

    • The UK chauffeur market is characterised by many small operators – each aiming to deliver high quality, reliable, and bespoke services to their customers. believe that is what many customers value and this online marketplace wishes to support those customer relationships. Ultimately, other new ‘tech’ operators have a completely different philosophy, but those operators that wish to retain a ‘bespoke’ customer service ethos will need also to drive efficiency within their business and believe they can help with this.
  • How does SubbHub rating work?

    • When a user offers work (the ‘subber’) to another user (the ‘subbee’) a contract has been entered into, independently of SubbHub, and with their own agreed terms and conditions*.
    • * Since we all in the industry work on broadly the same terms SubbHub has highlighted a principle of terms and where operators are expecting different terms (payment upfront for example) then this should be highlighted within their profile.
    • Each contract can be identified by the unique job reference provided on SubbHub. Using this reference number, each party may be able to rate the other based on defined service elements (these can be refined over time):
    • Subber of the subbee
      • Was the work undertaken on-time? – Yes or No
      • If you have no information to the contrary you should answer Yes to this question
      • Was the work undertaken well? – Good, OK, Poor
      • It is helpful to you and the hub that feedback is sought from your customers from time to time but where this is not possible and where no positive or negative comments have been made by the client then “OK” should be entered
      • Was the right vehicle used? - Yes, No, Don’t Know (To the best of your knowledge)
    • subbee of the Subber
      • Was the price fair for the job? – Good, OK, Poor
      • When answering this question you should reflect honestly on the rate that you obtain yourself from customers and recognise too that a small commission may have been retained by the Subber for his own operational expenses
      • Was the information about the job accurate? - Good, OK, Poor
      • Some information may of course not be available to the Subber to pass on but you may feel that some information which was withheld hindered your ability to provide a good service. Specifically we mean things like clear address information
      • Was the work paid for timely? – Yes or No
      • The default terms are that payment will be made within 30 days of the work being carried out and that a correct invoice should have been raised by the Subbee prompty after the work was carried out
    • Your Rating (Example)
      Subber Rating is 100% from 10 jobs completed
      Subbee Rating is 100% from 2 jobs completed

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