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9 easy steps:

  • 1 Pre-trading

    • Each operator will have used the upload function on the site when registering to provide current scanned documents of all their licence credentials.
  • 2 Subber Loads Job

    • All that is required in the bare essentials for any subbie to be able to accept the priced job or offer a new price. So, for example: Date, Time, Postcode to Postcode, Vehicle Type, Offer Price
    • No customer or passenger information is uploaded AT ANY TIME. A select group of users or the whole market may be offered the job.
  • 3 Subbee Makes an Offer

    • Those available jobs on offer to any user will be displayed on a list in date order. Settings may provoke email notifications, for example jobs starting or finishing in Bristol or Heathrow (where the operator is based in Bristol and does a lot of work going to Heathrow). All the subbie needs to do is accept the job at the price offered or accept the job at a different price.
  • 4 Subber Makes a Selection

    • Once the subber is happy to pass the job onto a subbie, a button is clicked to make the offer to the selected subbie.
  • 5 Subbee Reaffirms Availability and Acceptance

    • One button click from an email or from the system will complete a contract, which under the terms of the marketplace will take place away from SubbHub.
  • 6 Subber Provides Full Job Details

    • This is done away from SubbHub
  • 7 Subbee Completes the Job

  • 8 Subber pays in accordance with their agreement

  • 9 Both Subber and Subbee rate each other

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