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This marketplace is to support any existing relationships that operators may already have and will offer a platform for local networks to reside (revealing job offers only to close partners) whilst allowing a wider net to be cast when established relationships cannot provide a solution.

SubbHub has been developed specifically for small to medium sized executive chauffeur companies that will inevitably need to sub-contract work out from time to time.

Importantly, SubbHub take ZERO commission from jobs traded on the platform and holds ZERO customer information – it is merely a way in which likeminded businesses can trade work efficiently by agreeing a price and availability for ‘excess’ work.

SubbHub brings four very unique benefits to its users:

  • 1 Confidence about your sub-contractors

    • SubbHub does this by conveniently providing licence information on the ‘subbie’ and allowing you to easily confirm compliance
    • SubbHub operates a rating system between all users (a bit like on eBay) so that positive service can be recognised and bad service is discouraged – the decision of who to sub-contract to will always be yours as an operator, SubbHub merely helps you to make that decision more easily
  • 2 Provides efficiency to the process of sub-contracting

    • SubbHub can speed up the response from your sub-contractor partners with whom you may already have a working relationship (SubbHub allows you to send your job opportunities only to these partners)
    • If established sub-contractor partners are unable to assist with your ‘excess’ work, you will be able to freely advertise the jobs to others who are part of SubbHub and with whom you can be clear of their licensing credentials, vehicle specifications and service ratings
    • These additional sub-contractors will be located throughout the country and will be able to help with jobs outside your normal operating geography
  • 3 Provides the opportunity of new profitable work for all operators

    • Access to SubbHub provides access to potentially hundreds of new job-opportunities which may reside within your area or in places you regularly visit such as major airports
    • SubbHub is not intended as a way to drive prices down – a fair price is expected to be offered by contractors but ultimately it will be up to the ‘Subbee’ whether to accept the offer price or make a counter offer, and up to the ‘Subber’ what criteria they will use to select their ‘Subbie’
  • 4 Provides a rating for subbers and subbees

    • A central trading platform for sub-contracting jobs between chauffeur companies would seem the ideal place in which to collate ratings on both operators that contract work out, and also those operators that undertake sub-contract work (a bit like ebay). The marketplace has the ability to only accept ratings from both parties that have accepted to work together; in this way the responses can be considered relevant and credible

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